Tuesday, 1 April 2008


When stubborn trying to be right
Leads straight back to hell,
Just sit, with neck and shoulders tight,
Till hell's allright as well.


HezB said...

Hi, Mike.

Thank-you. Your journey of self questioning has greatly contributed to an important decision I have made recently: I'm going to become a 'home leaver' and enter the seminary to train as a priest.

Fair play to you,


Mike Cross said...

Thank you, Harry.

You have my respect for putting your body on the line, and I sincerely wish you well.

Master Dogen wrote that, in order to experience body and mind dropping off, one should, as a home leaver just follow other home leavers -- not my will be done, but just Thy will be done. Not an easy teaching to follow.

All the best to you -- Bon Courage.

HezB said...

Jaysus, Mike.

Look at the date. Trust you to show me a bit of kudos on the only ocassion when I'm not trying to be the sincere little endgaining non-priest wanker that you think (maybe know) I am.

Happy April Fools Day, bro. You're a star (and I do mean that).



PeterAtLarge said...

Nicely done. I'll never do the mantra without a smile again. A great April Fool's Day gift.

Plato said...

Mike and Harry
Thanks for making me laugh
Living as a hungry ghost
Is very tough!

Plato said...

Bodily lotus sitting
Mental lotus sitting
Dropping off body and mind lotus sitting
Can they happen in any of the six realms?
Is that what Master Dogen means when he says do not worry about being in the six realms as the bright pearl is there?